Uses Of A Portable Electric Generators

Well, it’s that time where people are buying a portable generator. As the weather get’s worse it’s nice to have a backup plan. Today’s ECAMagazine post is about how you can prepare yourself this coming winter.

portable-generatorIt isn’t always practical to be able to have power every where that one needs to go. For instance, upon construction of a new home, there isn’t always power on site when you want to begin building. When you go camping, it may not be a necessity, but it certainly makes life a little easier to have a little power. What about in the event of a long term power outage? These things can happen at any given time, and it’s always good to be prepared. What about farm use, to help run water heaters in the winter time? There are so many reasons why nearly everyone should have portable electric generators.

Upon looking through reviews of various brands, models, and sizes of generators, the conclusion that I have come to is that it seems that 6000 watt portable electric generators seems to be an ideal size for a wide variety of usages. In the event of a long power outage, a 6000 watt generator can sustain power to many of the necessities in your home. For instance, the water pump, fridge, freezer, and microwave or stove. This can be accomplished by running power cables to these appliances, or ideally by having your electrician wire your necessity powered components of your home to a generator electric panel in case of an emergency. This is actually standard in many new homes, if you are unsure about this ask your builder, or your realtor.

As found on, some useful features to have come equipped with preferable portable electric generators is an electric start, noise reduction, stable power output, and of course an automatic throttle so that it minimizes noise, and the amount of fuel that it consumes. This feature also helps to ensure that the tools, or appliances that you are running will not be damaged because of the fluctuation of electrical current being sent by your generator. While a 6000 watt generator may be ideal for nearly every situation that may arise, a smaller, mini generator can also serve many purposes – especially for people living in smaller homes who have little storage. In the event of an emergency, one would have to simply switch power from one thing to the next instead of the generator being able to power multiple things that the same time. It all depends on your needs, your budget, and what is the best generator for you, and your family.