We Talk On Everything

we talk on everythingAt ECA Magazine, we believe the world is our playground and we hold a kaleidoscope to gaze into its myriad representations. From personal beliefs and collective thinking, ideas differ at each level and our motive is to explore such differences without any bias. In the process, we strive to learn and educate our readers on current affairs, historical lessons learnt and forgotten. Even a simple product such as a juicer holds lots of insight into the way ideas formulate, how society changes.

In the world of connectivity and networking where one is never truly isolated, it is often the collective thinking of a few individuals that brings about a huge difference. To start with, why is it that certain products outlast others and why are some industries easier to compete in and others not so much?

On our panel, we have a team of experienced writers from all walks of life who will look closely into their respective fields and give their take, open to refutes and replies from others obviously. After all, we want to develop a culture of question and doubt everything until all doubts are exhausted. Hence, all our posts, news clippings will not just be about advertising something or informing our readers but also about giving them various insights, some positive and some negative – in the process we hope we can help you formulate an opinion because what matters the most to us is developing a healthy public opinion with as little influence as possible.

Stay tuned for our future posts and let’s see if you can’t get rallied by a few or incensed by others. We would like to end the current year on this note – let your opinions develop naturally and never back down from frowning even on the most widely accepted facts.