iRobot! We’ve been using ours and here’s what we think

We consider ourselves something of a tech junkie here at ECAMagazine, and the iRobot vacuum cleaner has been the perfect choice for cleaning up my household. This robot vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning floors in multiple rooms on its own without requiring any human intervention most of the time. Moreover, I absolutely hate having to vacuum my house and this resulted in dirty floors most of the time. The iRobot cleaner has solved that problem for me and made itself an indispensable part of my life. The iRobot Roomba models allow their users to switch them on and then forget all about unless something unexpected happens which makes it essential for the user to intervene. I had to intervene on very few occasions, and could count on my robotic cleaner to do its jobs successfully more often than not.


My iRobot vacuum cleaner can work at a stretch for about an hour and half each time I charge it full. This turns out to be enough to take care of my 3-room apartment. All I have to do to get it started is hit the power button and press the ‘Clean’ option for it to start its work. This vacuum cleaner is capable of finding its way out of rooms and does not lose its path in my apartment. Thus, I simply switch it on and then go on about my other chores or take a nap while it goes on cleaning the floors. My only grouse is that I have to turn the volume of my television a little higher when my vacuum cleaner is working, this was something that was noted over at However, I must admit that it makes far less noise compared to my earlier vacuum cleaner and most other models on offer.

My robotic vacuum cleaner has proved to be highly efficient in sucking out dirt, dust, hair, crumbs, and other debris from my floor. I came to know about its suctioning ability when I emptied its bin. This cleaner is able to clean all kinds of flooring without the need of restarting it. This I found to my immense relief when the vacuum cleaner serenely went over from the carpeted area in my living room into the tiled flooring in the kitchen. I even tested it along the staircase and it reverses whenever it senses approaching a stair. The only time I had to rescue it from a tight situation was when one of its wheels slipped and shut itself down beside an edge. This cleaner also features a spot detection technology, which allows it to detect an area requiring more focus to get rid of the filth. Its low profile allows it to zip into tight spaces like those underneath my sofa and computer table. Thus, I consider myself a proud and content owner of an iRobot vacuum cleaner.